We offer in depth training for EVERY level.

Pull Your Weight 

This beginner level class will help you grow muscle, build endurance, and put your metabolism to work.

Basic Strength Training

Here, we combine free weights with squats, lunges, and interval exercises so that you can build strength according to your own body type and goals.

Strength, Speed & Cardio 

We do a series of intense drills, weight lifting, and stretch breaks.

Sands Obstacle Course 

More than a class, our beginner obstacle course is designed to incorporate fitness and fun! 

Weight Training

Learn good form and what it means to reach your threshold. We’ll teach you how to breathe and warm up properly, so you can safely build the muscle groups you need.

Track and Field Development

With 20 years of experience, Leevan will assist you in reaching your track and field fitness goals, with a customized program designed specifically for jumpers.